LibreOffice no longer in Apple store ?

Hello all,

A general question to the Board : has a decision been taken to remove LibreOffice from the Apple store (whether voluntarily or forced removal by Apple) ?

I ask because whilst searching today (13/01/2023) via the search bar of the store, there is only 1 LibreOffice specific result, and that is LibreOffice Viewer, being sold for 3,49 EUR, and figuring somewhere in the bottom quarter of all the results displayed.

Otherwise, sorting by relevance, the first occurrence of anything derived from OOo technology is NeoOffice (4th place), and Collabora Office (35th place).

The first 3 results, in order, are MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint.

Tried searching also with :

"Libre Office"

"libre office"


to no better effect (in fact, even worse, as NeoOffice gets shunted even further down).

Anyone on the board with knowledge of what is going on ?


Hi Alex, some people see LibreOffice in the Apple Store, and some don’t see it (I don’t see it, and I see different things from you). We are investigating with Apple. The new version 7.4.4 was approved, and has been uploaded without issues as the previous one, so the behaviour is indeed strange.