WollMux adoption proposal for The Document Foundation

Hi Samuel, Hi All,

sry for my late reply, I was on the rest on my vacation.

wollmux-conf-service ist currently not used @LHM but has been prepared to reduce dependencies, the process is:

  1. Linux/Windows - Script which reads the logged in user name

  2. query username to GOsa (https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/GOsa), read WollMux-Parameters from GOsa depending on the group assignment of the user. For a group, below wollmux parameters can be set.

  3. response parameters are like:

DEFAULT_CONTEXT “http://department.wollmux.de/
%include “http://department.wollmux.de/conf/main.conf
%include “http://department.wollmux.de/conf/wollmuxbar_standard.conf

  1. Script (1) writes parameters in “wollmux.conf” in the user dir or further locations (hard coded in wollmux)
  2. When WollMux starts, it reads wollmux.conf and receives the whole configuration for the user (group) as described by Samuel.

wollmux-conf-service would get rid of the script (read logged in username by Java in WollMux itself, create request to conf-service). conf-service can (should?) be expanded to use the assignments in i.e. ActiveDirectory.