Empty folders in Nextcloud

Two Dutch folders of Nextcloud, “Gemakkelijk overstappen naar” and “Hulpmiddelen bij het vertalen”, are suddenly empty.
Is it possible to restore them from a backup?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Kees
I can only restore what is in the recycle bin. My recycle bin shows the file WG7310-WorkingWithTemplates_02_JHW_KK_20220323.odt deleted yesterday.

The 2 folders you mention were modified 18 days ago. Please look at the recycle bin to check if the contents are still there and if affirmative, you can restore them.

Otherwise you must ask hostmaster@documentfoundation.org (guilhem) for support. It worth to investigate what happened to the files.


Hi Olivier

Thanks for the reply.
I already looked in the recycle bin and the files are not there.
We did not delete the files by hand so something must have gone wrong.
I will ask hostmaster for support.


Olivier Hallot schreef op 25.03.2022 10:52: