export to pdf with frozen row

I froze the first row so it shows up as a header on each page.
When I export it to pdf I want it to show up as the first row of each page.
Can I do that?

You are confusing two ideas here. Freezing rows does not, as you suggest, affect what happens on different pages, but instead what shows up as you scroll through the document in the editing screen - which doesn't know about the concept of "page".

To repeat rows (or columns) on pages of output:
o Go to Format | Print Ranges > | Edit.
o Click the Shrink button against Rows to Repeat (or Columns to Repeat).
o Drag across any cells in the required rows (or columns).
o Click the Shrink button again.
o OK.

You can enter details into the Edit Print Ranges dialogue in other ways, but the above is probably easiest.

This affects output exported to PDF as well as printed output.

I trust this helps.

Brian Barker