how should I read this string ? (from Windows installer component)

I have this string:

#. tBfTE
#: ActionTe.ulf
msgctxt ""
msgid "Advertising application"

How should I read it ?

1. [this is an] Advertising application
2. Advertising [this] application

The string comes from the msi_languages.po* file (i.e. Windows installer), but I don't remember seeing it during actual install and I have no idea what is its purpose.

Thank you,

Hi Cristi,

"Advertising" is a special term in Windows Installer terminology, it refers
to the ability of an MSI packaged application to heal itself, if files or
registry keys are corrupted or missing.

You can look up in MS Glossary what the official translation is for your
target language, however, I think this message will only appear in MSI
logs, not on the user interface.

Best regards,
Andras Timar