IMPORTANT LibreOffice 10th Anniversary

We were originally supposed to organize some live event to celebrate
LibreOffice 10th Anniversary, but unfortunately the current situation
does not allow us to meet, not even in small groups.

On the other hand, in three weeks from now, on Monday September 28, it
will be exactly 10 years since we announced the LibreOffice project and
The Document Foundation (which was incorporated two years later).

The idea is to put together an animated video of community members
celebrating the 10th anniversary, smiling to the LibreOffice community
and to the FOSS ecosystem at large. You have two full weeks to create a
picture of yourself, where your show how happy and proud you are as a
LibreOffice contributor. Be creative.

Pictures should be sent to my attention by Monday, September 21, at the
latest (sorry, I will not be able to accept later submission, even if
masterpieces), by sending a message to

I would like to share the video with community members one day in
advance, on Sunday September 27, to allow everyone to publish the video
on their website (long version) or to share it on social media (short

Looking forward to your awesome contributions. Thanks in advance, Italo