LibreOffice Impress sounds or music

> Hello,
> This probably answers the question, which seems a bit limited to me,

but whatever.

> "When you show an Impress presentation, the embedded sound or video on


> current slide plays automatically until it's over or until you leave the
> slide."
> I'm sure this has probably been asked before, I would like to extend the
> playback of a track over several slides, loop if necessary, and such as
> this, if possible. Is any of that possible, or do I have to consider a


> elaborate approach, like a Blender 'slide show' rendering, or similar
> approach?

In the /Slide transitions pane/ in the /Modify Transition area/:

Add some music or whatever to the first slide.

Set Sound to "No sound" for the next slide(s).

The sound you selected for the first slide will play until it is ended
or until you add a new sound track.

Does not work; which per the documentation 'makes sense'. 'No sound' is the
choice on the second slide, but the music cuts off. But my goal of the
music spanning slides, does not seem that doable.

Which is fine.

Looks like my options are to dive into Blender for what I want to