New strings to translate for website


Lately there were done some changes to the <>website, as a few strings where not added as part of locales file and couldn't be translated in other languages. So from the list of localized files here:

the following ones needs to be edited: /cs.ini ;   cy.ini ; es.ini ;    de.ini ;   fr.ini;   it.ini ;    ko-kr.ini; pt-br.ini;    sl.ini;/

Add the following part at the bottom of each file, and replace the english version with the corresponding language:

        bugs = Bugs
        qa = Quality Assurance
        tests = Tests
        file-a-bug = File a bug
        qa-blogs = QA blogs
        bug-hunting-sessions = Bug hunting sessions
        qa-programs = QA programs
        bibisect = Bibisect
        regression = Regression
        automated-tests = Automated Tests
        test-pre-releases = Test pre-releases
        report-a-ux-bug = Report a UX bug
        design-open-tasks = Design Open Tasks
        join-design-team = Join Design Team
        whiteboards = Whiteboards
        blueprints = Blueprints
        design-mailing-lists = Design mailing-lists
        join-design-weekly-weekly-meetings = Join design weekly meetings
        support-mailing-lists = Mailing Lists
        support-ask-libreoffice = Ask LibreOffice
        translate = Translate
        make-friends = Make friends
        give-presentations = Give presentations
        help-contents = Help contents
        books = Books
        infra-learn = Learn
        infra-participate = Participate
        c-plusplus = C++
        c-plusplus-python = C++, Python, Java, JavaScript
        java-android = Java/Android
        branding = Branding
        video-recordings = Recordings
        booth-materials = Booth materials
        marketing-join-team = Join team

Let me know if you have any questions.

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Done for Spanish:

Thanks for the heads-up, Sidorela!



I finished the Korean Translation.

Thanks, Sidorela!

Sincerely, DaeHyun Sung(성대현, 成大鉉, ソン・デヒョン)

2021년 6월 1일 (화) 오후 5:16, Sidorela Uku <>님이 작성:

Sent pt-BR translation to gerrit.