Re-calculation Blocking or Flag

I'm trying to construct a simulation in Calc.  I have two
      tables (Model and Data) as well as a macro.

The model takes input values, performs transformations and
      provided results.  The model has no circular references and is
MODEL INPUTS ---> Transformation ---> MODEL OUTPUTS

The Data table is organised as rows of records for each
        simulation step.  Each Simulation Record is divided into Input
        Data and Result Data.

Sim Step
I/P Data 1I/P Data 2Result Data 1Result Data 21.09871200.9723760.00653100006234623nth43509870.000012349124360.0000000000098642
Needless to say the data table is very simplified here.

The Macro is relatively simple (in pseudo code for clarity):
1. clear results
2.1 for each sim_step do:
    2.2 copy input_data to model_inputs
    2.3 trigger re-calculation.
    2.4 copy model_results to result_data
3.0 save all

Now for the issue:  The model calculations at
        2.3 are relatively fast but not instantaneous.  At step 2.4 data
        is being retrieved when calculations are incomplete.

So my question is:is there a way to perform
        re-calculation in a way that blocks further macro processing or
        for re-calculation to flag it is complete?

Thanks all