Required trust level to post


FYI. I am subscribed to the documentation list and I tried to post here by email.

We’re sorry, but your email message to [“cat1 at communitytest.documentfoundation dot org”] (titled Test discourse) didn’t work.
Your account does not have the required trust level to post new topics to this email address. If you believe this is an error, contact a staff member.

Best regards

Thanks a lot Pierre-Yves for your tests, that really helps :slight_smile: I’ll report to Guilhem what you are experiencing.

Thanks to both of you (I saw Guilhem’s answer in the Redmine ticket).
Additional information (probably off-topic but maybe to be taken into account elsewhere): I realized that my messages were also rejected by the doc fr list.
I made the hypothesis (verified) that it was because of my provider (laposte dot net). After change of provider I could post on doc. fr

Hi Pierre-Yves,
In fact, if you look at the archives of the list, your messages arrived there, see:
So maybe a temporary hiccup at laposte?

Hi Sophie

Oh yes, indeed… So maybe the problem is elsewhere because I had looked here
and the messages laposte do not appear, only that via sfr.