Toolbar name in Libre Draw

Hi All,

I have a Toolbar in Libre Writer with the Pilcrow, Bold, Italics, Font
Style, Font Size, etc on it.

I looked in Wrier under View > Toolbars and it doesn't seem to have any
more checkmarks next to any special Toolbars besides Standard.

Is there a certain name for the Toolbar with the above-mentioned features?

My Googled results just describes how to add Toolbars - not what features
appear on each Toolbar.

Thank you.

View > Toolbars > Stardard

displays the toolbar containing the Pilcrow on my LO installation.
I infer the name is "Standard" since if that toolbar is not checked the
toolbar with Pilcrow is not present.

Tools > Customize > Toolbars appears to be the way to identify the features
set for the toolbar. Not a listing as you're asking for but a way to
identify the features on the toolbar nonetheless.