Тестовое сообщение на русском языке

Это Тестовое сообщение на русском языке.

А вообще непонятно, почему нельзя свои тэги писать и категорию выбирать?

In the first steps, we tested posting to and from Discourse/mailing lists, but it’s not working as we wanted. So now, instead, we create working categories for international and native language working groups. Let me know if you want a category for working groups (QA/l10/Doc/discuss/others) in Russian.

Let’s try to create QA and L10N for Russian

ok, let me know how to write QA and L10n in Russian or do you want them in English

I think it can be just QA and just Localization without translation to Russian

ok, will do that now :slight_smile:

Be aware that all the content of this test instance will be deleted when we will launch the forum