What's with LO 7.3?

I know, pretty general subject...

I run Xubuntu 21.10 currently on my desktop and I've tried out LO 7.3
because I generally like to run the latest and greatest bleeding edge
available. I'm planning to upgrade to 22.04, but I see that 7.3.2 is the
default with Xubuntu 22.04, and that concerns me.

In Writer, the last worked position no longer matches correctly when I
reopen a doc I was working on before and closed. It seems to come up at a
random position somewhere near but not exactly where I was. This not
happened since 7.2 was fixed for this, somewhere around 7.2.2 IIRC. Even
when I was at the end of the doc, it reopens somewhere above that. This one
is easy to recover, not so much of it's supposed to be at a different
position where I actually was last editing.

Calc does not have this problem, but the newish 'recall last similar entry'
feature only partially matches the actual most recent, and it's not clear
how to accept that part and continue in the same cell. Tab and right arrow
both advance to the next cell, even if there's more to match in the current
cell. How do I accept the partial match and continue in the same cell
without retyping the whole match? That makes the partial match useless.

Any help, comments, suggestions welcome.